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About us

Vision & Mission

We deeply believe that in Life,

in Sports and in Business,

Mastery is achieved due to thousands of small steps and committed choices made over time.

Combining Japanese business philosophy of Kaizen, meaning continuous improvement, as

well as our passion for Mastery, we offer Coaching, Mentoring & Speaking services in Armenia.


Thus we help Individuals, Athletes, Creative Professionals, Business companies & Organizations to express their highest potential into the world, thus making the world a better place.

We serve our clients to turn their Lives, Careers & Organizations into real Masterpieces.  

Values & Ethics

At Kaizen Mastery we are committed to excellence, delivering an increasing value through our services and wowing our clients at every touch-point with our brand. 

All through the art of small steps and the power of small wins. 

Social  Impact

At Kaizen Mastery, we are committed to making our

positive impact in Armenia

and in the world.


Part of our profit is continuously directed to delivering free of charge coaching, mentoring and speaking services for the representatives of vulnerable groups and NGOs/charity organizations in Armenia and abroad.

We do care and we are enthusiastic about making a difference. Are you with us?

Kaizen = Continuous Improvement

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