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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

Lead yourself first before leading others

My first encounter with “leadership” took place at middle school. I had not read a single book on leadership and had quite vague idea on what leadership is all about.

Still I could comprehend the behavioral motives of a couple of my classmates who were obsessed to be perceived as “leaders”. I recall many cases when my classmates almost literally were fighting a battle to create the impression of being a leader.

The title of a leader they were so desperately fighting for could bring a number of “advantages”, such as indisputable power, authority to dictate others what to do, how to do it, to name a few.

To me, however, all this seemed quite meaningless. According to my teen-age-beliefs, there was so much to be done before leading others. The question I was constantly asking myself was, “Am I leading myself well enough to start leading others?” And this inquiry has been with me ever since. It will not be an exaggeration to claim that these words have shaped my identity.

The idea of being the leader of my own self first, before leading others has helped me to live my life consciously and take responsibility for my actions. Every now and then I see that there is something to be done, whether for my personal goals or for team success or for a better world most people want to live in.

I fully acknowledge that in any life situation there are external circumstances I do not have control over. Still, I am deeply convinced that as a conscious human being I have so much power to make a set of decisions and do what I best can do in a given situation. Based on so many personal experiences, I have come to believe that Universe rewards those who are brave enough to take initiatives for their lives.

lead yourself

One of the greatest life lessons I have learnt so far is that leadership starts within. You may know a bunch of leadership theories, you may have read dozens of books on leadership, and at some point you may even succeed in applying those tactics and making people follow you as a leader.

Without underestimating the significance of leadership education, I believe that you can only be “that great leader people wow” only if you nurture in yourself the culture of leading your own self day in, day out.

To me, being a master of self-leadership is the most challenging style of leadership.

Just take responsibility for your life, create that every-day discipline, wake up that early, run that extra mile, make that scary phone-call, start that uncomfortable conversation, accomplish that big project, forgive that person, and be that change you want to see around you.

You will soon be surprised to find out how empowering you are becoming to other people. Every word you utter is so genuine because it reflects the unconquerable self-leader within you. After a while, you just realize that people start gathering around you because they can’t help admiring the person you have become. Yes, you have become “that great leader people wow”.

The moment you decide to embrace your inner power the leader within is ready to shine! Just give yourself a chance!

P.S. I decided to share my perspective on self-leadership, as I was reading the book “One Minute manager”. I was truly excited to discover that my beliefs on leadership, shaped due to personal experience and reflections on them, are found in the books of some of the best leadership/management experts in the world. Hooray!!!

P.P.S. I am truly passionate about leadership and personal development and will be happy to know your insights about my ideas on the topic. Feel free to comment and share this post. Thank you.

Be The Masterpiece!


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