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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

What is Coaching? Coaching Philosophy and its Main Principles.

International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching "as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

According to the coaching philosophy, every human being

  • Has all the required resources to live a life of fulfillment. In many cases, however, people live a whole life without even ever realizing the huge potential that is inside them. Partnership with a coach helps to discover those resources and mobilize them.

  • Is capable of finding the answers to all the vital questions that concern him/her. During the conversations with the coach the individual takes a journey of self-discovery, which helps to find out those answers. The individual starts looking for the answers inside his/her identity, not in others’.

  • Is free to create their own path. There is no one single path that is true for everyone, each human being is unique. Coaching helps the individual to reveal and realize their uniqueness. It is an opportunity for the individual to let their imagination soar and discover their dreams and aspirations. Thus the individual starts setting such goals which are authentic and are not imposed by others, such as family, friends, or society at large.

Coaching ICF

It’s worth highlighting that coaching beautifully combines a number of characteristics of business, sports, psychology and art. From business, coaching learns about strategy building and goal-setting. From sports, it takes the importance of persistent work to reach victory, from psychology it takes the principles of humanistic movement. From art, it learns about creative thinking and the ability to look at phenomena from variety of angels.

According to the principles of coaching,

  • The partnership between the coach and the client is possible only if the client is willing to take responsibility for his/her life, for making positive changes, for continuously improving and growing as a human being. This is the most important factor for coaching success.

  • During the coaching process the client defines his/her goals with the support of the coach, and achieves them via step by step persistent actions.

  • Being totally responsible for their own decisions and actions, the individual also takes full responsibility for their own achievements.

There is no more beautiful feeling than the pride for having achieved your biggest goals due to the responsibility you have taken for your life. Agree?

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