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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

How "no phones" became a non-negotiable in my coaching practice

Coaching session example

When I was just starting out my coaching practice, I was too nice to request from my “busy” clients to have no phones during the sessions.


One day I had been guiding a client through a self-awareness exercise, and the client was so-so close to an insight, that could probably become a life-changing moment for him.

But it didn’t.

A phone rang.

Nothing special, just a casual call.

The client answered and came back.

He was there, but the insight was gone.

No matter how hard the client tried the insight didn’t come back.

We had to do it all over again.

It didn’t help.

It was a turning point in my coaching practice.

Successful coaching session in Armenia

Insight during coaching session

Since then, "no phones" is an absolute non-negotiable during my coaching sessions.

True, I had to let go of a couple of potential clients, who considered them to be too busy & way too important to be unavailable for 45 minutes.

Yet, another truth is that my coaching sessions have never been so insightful!

Lesson: Life is generous in teaching us valuable lessons, but it ALWAYS requires Courage and Integrity to turn those lessons into a way of life, into a way of being…

Be The Masterpiece,




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