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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

What does a coaching session look like?

Although coaching has its fundamental principles, coaching at Kaizen Mastery is highly personalized to best meet the unique needs of each individual client.

During the first coaching session, the client evaluates his/her life, applying a holistic approach. As the discussion evolves, the client chooses the topics for future sessions. Afterwards, the client defines one or several goals which are vital to him/her and together with the coach elaborates an action plan to reach those goals. Right after the first session the clients starts taking real steps towards his/her goals.

At Kaizen Mastery we uniquely merge the best “ingredients” of both coaching and mentoring. As a result, the coach also serves as a mentor during the sessions with the client. She introduces vital topics on self-development, sharing her knowledge and experience with the client.

The client is assigned self-development tasks, which need to be completed before the following meeting. During each session, the client and the coach discuss the self-discoveries made by the client during the previous week, the actions taken, the challenges that have come on the client’s way and the alternatives to meet them.

It is worth mentioning that even a small positive change in one area of the individual’s life brings positive changes to other areas of individual’s life.

During the sessions, the coach actively listens to the client, asks insightful questions and makes observations. Due to the right question asked at the right moment, the client may reveal opportunities which were invisible to them before

Coaching session

Coaching takes place in a positive, inspiring, and creative atmosphere, where the client feels absolutely safe to express their personality and speak freely about their most cherished dreams, goals, without ever feeling fear to look weak or vulnerable.

All this is possible due to the commitment of the coach and the client to the ethical norms of coaching, such as confidentiality, mutual trust, respect, honesty, as well as responsibility towards each other and the partnership they share.

Coaching is a long-term partnership between a coach and a client. To reach tangible results for the client, the optimal duration of the partnership is 3 months, once per week with a duration of one hour. Depending on the client’s needs the duration of the partnership, as well as the frequency of meetings may be reconsidered. In some cases the client may want to continue the partnership to work on a new goal.

Coaching sessions can take place both via face-to-face meetings and online communication, such as Skype. This gives an opportunity to people with tight schedules to make use of coaching services from anywhere in the world and save their valuable time.

In between the sessions, constant communication via email/telephone is held between the client and the coach so that the client can address all their questions, concerns or suggestions.

Before starting the coaching partnership, an agreement is signed between a client and the coach, with all the details pertaining to the partnership.

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