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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

Types of coaching services

Below I would like to introduce you the most widespread types of coaching together with their short descriptions.

Life coaching - this is the most widely known type of coaching. It helps the individual reach balance and harmony in different aspects of life and make positive changes in each of them; health, personal life, interpersonal relationships (family, friends), career, finances, spiritual growth, hobbies, etc. Life coaching improves the quality of life of the client, they become optimistic, they start seeing more and more opportunities around them and live a life of purpose and meaning.

Leadership or executive coaching - this type of coaching is quite popular among the senior management of organizations, especially business companies. The reason is that it helps to develop leadership skills of those in leading positions in organizations, which in turn contributes to the progress of the organization.

Types of coaching

Business coaching - this is a wonderful tool to reveal the full potential of a business company, discover new opportunities for development, as well as build a strategy aimed at long-term progress of the company. Business coaching helps to identify opportunities which have not been visible to the company before.

Team coaching is a valuable tool for any organization aiming at creating a strong team culture, whether it is a business company or sports club. Due to team coaching, each member of the team brings their uniqueness and strengths into the table, thus contributing to the overall success of the company.

Career coaching helps individuals to discover and fulfill their career potential, reach new heights at the workplace, or to totally change their career path.

At Kaizen Mastery, we offer services of life coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, leadership/executive coaching, team coaching, sports coaching for aspiring athletes and sport clubs.

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