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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

Unlearn the pain. Learn to forgive.

I wish they could teach kids at school how to forgive. Forgiveness may not be a skill to grade a student for, yet it is a better predictor of the quality of individual’s life than all the A+s combined.

Yes, forgiveness is absolutely crucial if you want to live a life of fulfillment. Without forgiveness you just can’t give your true potential to the world...

Why? Because most of your energy will be drained while reminiscing the past and even worse, making up some bitter thoughts about revenge. You will not be able to focus on your life, you will not express your creative potential and you just will not be able to happy, unless you learn to forgive and let go of the hurt in your heart. As a Chinese proverb goes,

"The one who pursues revenge should dig two graves."

I do not think anyone will be happy by the end of their life to realize that they have been chained by the wounds, anger and pain throughout their life. It will be just too late to break the chains.

Believe me the moment you forgive “the unforgiven”, life will look, taste, feel and even smell differently, much better and much lighter.

The popular expression “It is easier said than done” definitely applies to forgiveness. Forgiveness will take time, it will take efforts, but the results will be rewarding. The most important thing is that you are sincerely willing to forgive.

Forgive and let go

Please follow the link to read the rest of my article. The original version of the article has recently been published in Steven Aitchison Official Blog. Enjoy!

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