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IKIGAI Happiness workshops
ikigai hapiness workshop

Have you ever woken up in the morning from the sound of your alarm clock and pushed the snooze button several times until you eventually got up from your bed to live just another day of life?


If you are like most people on the planet, you have definitely experienced this scenario.

But what if your life were different?


What if you woke up every morning with an absolute delight and gratitude for another beautiful day that is ahead of you?

What if you just woke up, ready to make the most out of your day and a sheer determination to become better than you were yesterday?

-Is this a paragraph from a science-fiction book?


-Is it possible in real life?

-Yes. Absolutely. Only when you know your IKIGAI!

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept (Yes, you are right! In Kaizen Mastery, we absolutely love Japanese wisdom :).


It literally means the “reason you wake up in the morning”


And guess what, people who live with a clear sense of purpose, are much happier, healthier, live longer and just enjoy life to the fullest.

IKIGAI workshops are designed for those people who want to find their purpose in life, design and live the lives of their most beautiful dreams.

Join us and start living your IKIGAI!

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