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Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan

I am a Life & Relationship Coach & Mentor,

Self-Actualization Guide, Teacher & TEDx Speaker. 

Working with me is a transformational experience, which will bring forth breakthroughs & tangible results in your life. Over the years I have helped my clients create fulfilling relationships, a meaningful professional path and a thriving life.


You might be wondering why I am so confident in my work & what qualifies me to be your coach & mentor, why I am so sure of the transformation you will go through, while working with me.


You might assume it’s because of my academic credentials or certifications. Even though I am a certified coach, what I offer to my clients is far beyond coaching. 


I am not a trained psychologist, yet I have deeply studied psychology & related disciplines. I don’t call

my work therapy, yet the work we will do will inevitably touch your past, your unconscious blocks & your suppressed emotions. Our work will unquestionably catalyze healing you have never thought is needed or possible in your life.


We can discuss topics related to any area of your life & you can always trust me to be radically honest with you, without making you feel judged. I will hold a safe space for you to sit through the discomfort of your inner conflicts, fears & insecurities (no matter how much you want to run away) and resolve them.

As you peel off layers of conditioning, you will reconnect to your inner strengths & true power, you will learn to love parts of you, which you have always judged or considered unlovable. You will start feeling liberated & whole.


I know what it feels like, because I have been there too. I have been held in my most vulnerable moments by different mentors & teachers, healers & shamans. I have also intentionally walked into the very depths of my being all by myself, meeting, holding, being & working with different parts of myself for as long as I was asked to, without any external support.

I hope you can now understand that these are not skills or techniques you can acquire in any school or certification program. These are deeply embodied experiences, which have taught me priceless lessons & transformed me in so many ways. My unwavering commitment to my own inner work & the results I have experienced in my own life is what qualifies me to help people transform their own lives.


I know that my work is not for everyone. For some, the depth I am offering can be too much & too uncomfortable, some may be way too provoked.


For those who feel resonance with my message & feel called to work with me, reach out & I will share the details.

As a first step, you need to fill out this questionnaire. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


You deserve to thrive & I am here to guide you

in the process.


Much love,


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