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Coach Arevik Hayrapetyan

"Welcome to Kaizen Mastery!

I am Arevik, the Co-Founder of Kaizen Mastery People Development Institute.

A big fun of life, world and human beings, I believe that the great changes in the world start within each of us.


That is why I aspire to serve the world with my passion and unique talents, as well as contribute to the well-being and the progress of humanity.

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by people, who realized their potential to the best and accomplished what had been considered quite impossible, whether in business or in sports, whether in arts or in sciences.

Back in 2011 I started passionately studying the life stories of most admirable human beings of all times, such as athletes and entrepreneurs, artists and scientists, political leaders and humanitarians.


My purpose was to find out the principles and practices that made their lives so remarkable. 

While a student at Sheffield University, IF CITY College I initiated a self-directed research on Human Performance.


As a result, I brought together cutting-edge findings of academic research on human potential, from a variety of disciplines, such as Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Expert Performance and Experiential Learning. 

Due to my extensive research I got to comprehend science-backed methods and tools which can help individuals, teams and organizations to best leverage their talent & potential and maximize their performance.

All these insights encouraged me to follow my life dream of uplifting as many human beings as possible to their highest potential, and  helping them to accomplish the ultimate purpose of each human being, that is to create a Life, worthy to be called a Masterpiece!

Thus I started my practice as a professional coach & speaker and Kaizen Mastery was born :)

I do believe that my coaching & speaking services, built upon deep knowledge, skills and expertise will be absolutely valuable for Business Companies & Public Institutions in Armenia, Leaders & Managers, Athletes & Sports Clubs, Creative Professionals and anyone committed to continuous growth, that is to say, to Kaizen Mastery.​

Let’s work and explore together the art of small steps, the power of small wins and transform your Life, Career or your Organization into a real Masterpiece!

Be The Masterpiece,


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