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Leadership Coaching

executive coaching in armenia

“Everyone needs a coach.” This is how Bill Gates, one of the most successful CEOs and admirable human beings in the world opens up his TED speech.

Leadership/Executive Coaching, once considered as a nice-to-have practice in organizations, is

today regarded as absolutely valuable for organization’s success.


By investing in the continuous development of those who lead teams and are in charge of impactful decisions, organizations benefit immensely in terms of employee loyalty,

credibility across stake-holders and long-term growth.

Leadership/Executive Coaching is grounded on

the idea that any team or company can only go

as far as their leader grows into a self-actualizing human being. 

At Kaizen Mastery People Development Institute we provide a One-on-One Coaching Service for Executives and Senior Level Managers, who aim

at continuously excelling themselves and

achieving Mastery at personal and professional levels.

During One-on-One Coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to work and gain a new perspective on your personal and professional challenges, as well as learn essential skills on how to

  • find a compelling purpose in the work you do, thus becoming of service & of true value to the organization’s stakeholders,

  • set clear goals, pertaining to your vision for the organization & devise an actionable strategy to achieve them, 

  • execute on your ideas every single day via small steps towards your goals,

  • set up priorities and stay committed to them,

  • develop strong focus and concentration skills,

  • strengthen your willpower,

  • increase your productivity & improve your performance,

  • get out of your comfort zone and embrace even higher personal and business challenges,

  • develop your leadership skills & create a strong team culture,

  • tap into your creative potential,

  • transform your relationships with your team and other people, by making them meaningful & rewarding,

  • create harmony in your life (life-work balance), live each day with a clear sense of purpose and fulfillment


Kaizen Mastery Leadership/Executive Coaching Programme combines cutting-edge findings of academic research on human potential, from a variety of fields, such as Neuroscience, Psychology, Business, Arts, Sports, as well as best day-to-day practices of the most admired, successful and productive leaders of our times, from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, from Elon Musk to Richard Branson.


We meticulously customize our Signature Coaching Programme to best meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


We are so confident about the value we bring via our services that we offer 100% money back guarantee in an improbable case of the client finding that our service has not been of absolute value to them.

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