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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

Why is coaching effective?

Imagine you have set a goal, you are truly motivated and you even make actions to reach your goal. After a while, however, you meet challenges on your way, your motivation drops, skepticism of people around you makes you disappointed, doubt and fear start conquering you…

This is just one out of dozens of possible scenarios, which may make you quit the goal which means so much to you.

On the contrary, when you have a coach, she helps you to stay committed to your goal, stay true to your path even if things go against you. Coach reminds you about the decisions and the promises you have made and keeps you accountable for realizing them.

We believe that each individual, whether they have a coach or not, is capable of reaching their goals due to strong will and persistence.

But we can assure you that partnership with a coach gives you a number of advantages.

Due to the questions asked, observations and feedback made by your coach, you get to know yourself much better and discover a lot of new opportunities for self-improvement.

Partnership with a coach keeps you accountable and helps you focus all your resources on your goals. Facebook or a new YouTube video, another meaningless conversation or a gossip are no longer important to you.

You understand that you have a GOAL.

You learn to get motivated by the challenges that come your way, because you understand that they are the best friends for your growth and development. You gain confidence and start setting big goals and realize them one by one. All this is possible because there is someone there for you, someone who inspires you and pushes you forward. That someone is your coach.

Why is coaching effective?

As a results of coaching, clients

  • travel a journey of self-discovery, identifying their values and priorities in life,

  • make decisions according to their values and their chosen path,

  • take full responsibility for their life and actions taken,

  • learn to define specific goals and elaborate an action-plan to reach those goals,

  • make specific actions towards their goal/s, set at the beginning of the partnership with the coach,

  • develop their strengths and mobilize their resources to reach the best possible results,

  • raise their productivity level, which allows them to establish harmony in all aspects of life,

  • form new positive beliefs and confidence for their abilities,

  • become optimistic and full of belief for future opportunities,

  • start living a meaningful life and make use of every single day to reach their biggest dreams and highest goals,

  • acknowledge their significant role in the world, as they understand that there are no extra human beings in the world.

It is worth highlighting that after a while the positive impact of coaching becomes evident not only for the clients themselves, but also for the people surrounding them.

To sum up, the results of coaching are tangible and can be measured in comparison to the goals, set at the beginning of the coaching partnership.

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