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  • Arevik Hayrapetyan

3 steps to shut up nasty voices in your head

We all may recall moments in our lives when we wanted to accomplish something extraordinary, something that none of our family members or peers has ever even thought of achieving. In our imagination, we give ourselves freedom to rise above our current circumstances and craft big-big dreams. Those aspirations make our hearts sing, we feel the flow of positive energy and we are ready to conquer the world.

In such moments we deeply connect with the highest versions of ourselves…

You say, yes! …if only such moments could last forever…

But there come times in everybody’s journey that things do not work out the way we planned; we get disappointed, we feel discouraged and completely lost. And that is the “perfect” time for those nasty voices in ours heads to start their negative talk to us,

“What on earth makes you believe that you can do it?” “Who are you to even try to make something remarkable? “You are too small to make any change. Live by average standards!”

Sounds familiar, right?

Especially if you aim high and have big dreams, you need to be ready that those negative voices may start their performance against you every now and then. That is why it is so vital to learn to bounce back and show them who the boss is. Like in any other battle, to fight against and to defeat negative voices in our heads, we need a strategy!

3 simple steps to overcome fear

Whenever you feel that such voices are taking control over you, I invite you to apply this proven strategy consisting of 3 simple steps.

  1. Do not ever ignore the nasty voices in your head. You will be able to win the battle, only if you acknowledge and understand well enough your “enemy”. Make this process as fun as possible. You may consider giving each nasty voice a specific name! Be as creative as you can. For example every time, you hear the voice of fear starting its show, just say, “Hey, booboo, I know it is you. Well, you are not welcome, but let me know what you have to say before I deal with you” :)

  2. After you have carefully listened to the message of booboo, you need to give it a good lesson. The lesson consists of uttering out loud all the achievements, big or small, you have had in your life. Tell booboo that you had similar voices in your head in the past, but it did not prevent you from achieving your goals and becoming who you are today.

  3. Last but not the least, say a big “Thank you!” to your booboo. Let it know that every time it pays a visit to you in your head, it means that you aim to accomplish something great, something bigger than yourself. It means that YOU ARE GROWING!

After you apply these 3 simple steps, you will feel relieved as if a heavy burden has just been removed from your shoulders. You will feel empowered and even stronger than before. The more you practice this strategy, the more skillful you will be in mastering your thoughts and in focusing on what counts most!

Remember the fear of failure or of criticism will always come and go. It is just an inseparable part of human growth. But the positive impact you can make, while expressing your best gifts and talents, is just too big to let those nasty voices in your head to say the final word.

Be The Masterpiece,


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