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Sport Coaching

Sport psychology in Armenia

Check out Bodø/Glimt & Russian National Team goalkeeper Nikita Haikin's testimonial about his coaching work with Arevik Hayrapetyan.

For both an individual athlete and an entire sport team, success is determined not only by the level

of their athletic skills, but also by a number of psychological factors. 

The big mistake many coaches and athletes make

is that they focus entirely on the physical, technical and tactical training, leaving out another crucial element of any performance, “The Inner Game”, suggested by Timothy Gallwey.


As opposed to the outer game, which takes place

in an external arena, “The Inner Game” takes

place in the mind of the athlete and aims at overcoming fear, anxiety, self-doubt, problems

of concentration and lack of self-confidence.


One’s achievements in any field of sport can only go as far as their athletic skills AND their psychological skills, that is to say, their level of Mastery over “The Inner Game”.

The elite athletes and the highest performing

sport teams of all times (even those in ancient civilizations) have leveraged on the significance

of “The Inner Game” (the concept is relatively

new, though) by developing unshakable

character, building mental toughness and emotional strength in order to achieve

Mastery in their field.

In addition to constantly honing their physical

skills, athletes absolutely need to integrate

mental training tools into their practice in order

to maximize their potential and achieve their absolute best, meaning their Ideal Performance State.

There is a huge body of science-backed

knowledge (due to the extensive research in Neuroscience and Psychology), effective

techniques and practical tools that coaches and athletes are not at all aware of, yet those are absolutely critical to the success of athletes and sport teams.

Our mission in this regard is to cooperate with sports clubs, coaches and athletes and educate them on cutting-edge findings on Human Performance research, share with them the best practices, applied by the most successful and admirable athletes of all times, as well as offer

them a comprehensive programme, full of

effective tools and techniques.

It is worth highlighting that we do not offer “A-Quick-fix-progarmme” or “Become-a-world-champion-overnight-magic-pill”. We deeply believe in the power of sustained effort and continuous improvement (Kaizen) to achieve your absolute best (Mastery) and are committed to a long-term cooperation to produce groundbreaking results in the long-run.

We only work with teams, coaches and athletes who are serious about maximizing their potential and becoming the absolute best in their field.

While working with us, you and your team will learn to

  • set clear short-term and long-term goals for your athletic career,

  • devise an actionable strategy to achieve your goals, 

  • develop strong discipline to execute on your ideas every single day via small steps towards your goals,

  • strengthen your willpower in order to keep up with high intensity trainings & performances,

  • develop strong focus and concentration,

  • install habits, which will help you integrate mental training into your daily routine,

  • become self-confident and shape a positive mindset about your abilities,

  • cultivate your "Ideal Performance State" and maintain it under pressure,

  • get out of your comfort zone and embrace even higher athletic challenges,

  • install powerful routines that will help you go through the tough times with dignity. “When the going gets tough, the tough (you) get going”.

  • build your own Motivation System and stay ultra-inspired to follow your biggest athletic dreams.

In addition to working with individual athletes and coaches, we also offer Team coaching service for aspiring sports clubs.


Due to team coaching, each member of the team brings their uniqueness and strengths into the table, thus contributing to the overall success of the team.


You will learn to leverage the talent and the potential of each individual team-member, as well as to maximize their team's performance.

While working with both coaches and athletes, we customize our signature programme to best meet their unique needs and make it well integrated into their physical training programme.

We truly believe that our science-backed knowledge and expertise will be of true value for you and your team in order to realize your biggest athletic dreams.

Let’s work and explore together the art of small steps, the big power of small wins and transform your athletic career or your sport team into a real Masterpiece!

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